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PianoDisc is the world’s leading manufacturer of player piano systems, with a dealer network that literally spans the globe.
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Piano Disc

The World’s Leading Piano Player Systems

About PianoDisc

piano disc from az piano
Today, PianoDisc systems are in private homes, hotels, restaurants, music schools, recording studios and a host of other places, bringing the joy of live music to anyone who hears them.


PianoDisc is one of the most exciting music products to come along in decades, and an important component in modern home entertainment.


More About PIANODISC Piano

PianoDisc began in a modest-sized piano retail store in Sacramento, California, which was owned by brothers Gary & Kirk Burgett.

Brings Your Piano to Life!

Modern PianoDisc systems play your piano in high definition from your iPad, iPod, YouTube or other media.


iQ Intelligent Player System

PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ allows you to control your piano with today’s latest music playback technology such as the iDevices, Android devices, MP3 players, and other music playback devices. And with PianoDisc’s elegant SilentDriveHD that plays your piano, the system will deliver a beautiful, fully expressive piano performance—even at whisper-soft levels..

iQ iPad Air

piano disc from az piano

Invisible technology and wireless control… The new iQ iPad Air brings invisible technology and wireless control to your piano. You’ll love how easy it is to download, store, organize and play your music from this sleek controller. You can also enjoy endless entertainment with PianoDisc’s free Internet Streaming Radio Broadcast. Take advantage of the iPad’s larger visual display to view sheet music or simply watch PianoVideo performances. The performances iQ iPad Air provides, thanks to SilentDrive HD’s patented, full 88-note system and 1024 levels of individual note expression are nothing less than spectacular.

iQ Galaxy

The New iQ Galaxy 32GB Air is the latest player system package from PianoDisc. The highly affordable package features elegant wireless playback operation using the lightweight Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 web tablet. This configuration is the ideal system for customers who are only interested in pure musical playback entertainment. Included is the the highly rated and simple to use DoubleTwist jukebox music app, which comes preloaded with the “Intelligent Choice” music and video package of over 500 free songs and videos. The iQ Galaxy also allows convenient music downloads directly from PianoDisc music website to the Galaxy DoubleTwist library without using another computer or the iTunes program.


New iOS App for ProRecord


The user-friendly and free ProRecord iOS app from PianoDisc is now available in seven languages: German, English, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and Italian!


Now you have the possibility to choose a language for your App that you are most comfortable with. The operation of the system will now be easier and more enjoyable.


To access all of these possibilities you only have to download the app and connect your iOS device via the USB camera adapter to your ProRecord system.


The ProRecord app allows users to easily select from a variety of sounds to play, adjust the type and amount of reverb added to the sound, add chorus or delay, and change the transposition of the sound. The onboard metronome can also be controlled by the ProRecord app, allowing adjustment of beats per measure, tempo, and volume of the click. The app makes recording and playback of performances easy and intuitive. Online demo songs can be selected and played from the ProRecord app.


The PianoDisc ProRecord and QuietTime systems are popular because of their ease of use and high-quality playback performance. With the new user-friendly ProRecord iOS app, playing and recording great music on your piano is now as easy as using your iPhone or iPad.

SilentDrive HD

SilentDrive HD revolutionizes player piano performance! SilentDrive HD is a highly enhanced version of our patented SilentDrive technology and it’s revolutionizing player performance. We can’t adequately describe it in words, but its 1024 levels of individual note expression, faster processor and streamlined architecture (that boost both velocity and timing accuracy) deliver a high-resolution piano performance that has to be heard to be appreciated. Here’s what multi-award winning Hollywood film composer and conductor Danny Elfman (“Batman”, “The Simpsons”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Spider Man”) has to say about PianoDisc’s SilentDrive HD: “When I purchased a wonderful Bösendorfer grand piano for my new studio, I knew that I wanted to outfit it with the best MIDI playback system I could find so the piano could be used for both arrangements and recording. The SilentDrive HD system quickly became the top choice and I’ve been very pleased with its performance.”

QuietTime Magic Star

A PianoDisc QuietTime kit is a complete Silent system that can be built into nearly every piano retroactively. When the system is installed, the user can switch his piano to mute, in the evening for example, and play using headphones without disturbing his neighbors. The QuietTime Magic Star System comes with reliable and long-lasting sensor technology. The sensor bar is installed under the keys of the upright or grand piano. It has 88 key sensors that measure the movements of every single key and convert them to General MIDI data. In addition, every QuietTime kit comes with a mute rail. This rail is installed into the upright or grand where it stops the hammers before they touch the strings. Of course, the stop bar is easily removable, allowing the piano to be played normally as well.

iQ Flash

iQ Flash offers ease of operation, wireless connection and playback options… PianoDisc introduces its new iQ Flash front-end, a modern, flexible MP3 player system specifically designed for use with PianoDisc’s iQ piano player technology. Features include 1,024 levels of dynamic expression playback per note, built-in SD Card and USB slots, wireless connection and One Touch Record and playback options.