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Blüthner pianos have won top prizes at world exhibitions around the globe, including the Philadelphia World's Fair in 1876 where Julius remarkable 4th string Aliquot design won a gold medal and would influence the Golden Tone of Blüthner pianos evermore.
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Purveyor to the Courts of many Kingdoms

About Blüthner Piano

Blüthner’s strong connections to the artistic world came through the fortuitous prominence of the renowned Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig. Many famous composers and pianists of the day premiered their works in Leipzig and were thus welcome guests at the Blüthner factory and villa.


Since Julius Blüthner’s initial, hard-won establishment of such a remarkable success, each subsequent generation of the Blüthner family has had the incredible task of continuing the vision of Julius Blüthner and steering the enterprise through well over a century of world events.


More About BLÜTHNER Piano

Motivated by his success, Julius Blüthner started in 1868 to build an international sales and distribution network that soon spanned the world and can still be seen to flourish today. He used his participation at trade fairs and exhibitions in Brussels, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Paris, Philadelphia, Sydney and Vienna to present his latest instruments and innovations. The pianos received great acclaim for being serious concert instruments. All first prizes, gold medals and any decorations obtained subsequently in the history of the firm are still listed on the soundboard of every Blüthner instrument.

BLÜTHNER... the fascinating world of traditional German piano-making


Model 1 | 280 cm | 9’2”

Model 2 | 238 cm | 7’8”

Model 4 | 210 cm | 6’10"

Model 6 | 190 cm | 6’3”