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Estonia pianos are handcrafted and with materials of the highest European quality. The piano should receive love and care, attention and honour - the way it is made. Under normal conditions, it shall last for lifetime.
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European Craftsmanship

About Estonia

Estonia 274 grand piano
Estonia grand and concert pianos are the result of an ideal – to craft inspirational instruments by hand using only the best suited, and therefore limited, materials, parts and experienced craftsmen in Europe.


Estonia pianos have precise & responsive keys, so each key set is made in the Estonia factory or by Kluge Klaviaturen GmbH of Remscheid, Germany.


More About ESTONIA Piano

Piano making in Estonia was an art practiced during the late 18th century and has been documented as early as 1779.

Praised by World-Renowned Pianists

The craft had flourished, and during the late 19th and the early 20th century there were nearly 20 independent piano companies. The most notable of these manufacturers was Ernst Hiis-Ihse, whose handmade piano from 1893 became the prototype of the Estonia piano. After the WW II, Mr. Hiis was invited to establish a larger facility, known today as the Estonia Piano Factory.


Grand Model 274 Concert Grand

Estonia 274 grand piano

Model 225 Grand Piano

Model 225 estonia grand piano

Model 210 Grand Piano

Model 210 estonia grand piano

Model 190 Grand Piano

Model 190 estonia grand piano

Model 168 Grand Piano

Model 168 estonia grand piano



Grand Model 274


Model 225


Model 210


Model 190


Model 168